Is higher education free in africa?



Africa is not a country, it's a continent. Could you narrow down your question to a specific country?



pearlmar: No it isn't. https

No it isn't.


Why do you hear about kids in African countries who can't afford tuition? Not only do they have to pay for school, thepay for their books as well. In the US, education is free and compulsory. Lots of parents can only afford send one child to school. Universities are definitely not free, even first grade costs money. We complain about taxes, but that's where our tax money goes, to fund public education.

ibu guru

No. African countries rarely have sufficient tax income to provide much in the way of education, and population growth is far too high to keep up with in schools, teachers, etc. They breed poverty, despite, in some cases, great natural wealth.


you'd have to hunt & find somebody who knew what you were talking about to see ........................


Yes! Considering there isn’t much higher education there period.

American Noodle

How's that going to help ... just look at the fail free educations in the USA


Yes! In the University of Wakanda.


i doubt it


Governor Palin, there are 53 independent nations in Africa. Each one has its own laws.


There is very little education of any sort on the DARK CONTINENT


Yes. They are all brilliant well educated geniuses Can't you tell?