Are online colleges any good?

I’m only 15 Years old (Freshman in high school, been maintaining an average of A and B grades since the school year started) right now. So thinking about college right now must be bizzare to you guys, I know. But since 6th grade, I’ve been wanting to try out homeschooling for a lot of reasons. Such as lack of distractions, I don’t have to wait for other people, etc. My parents are extremely against the homeschooling thought though (which I completely understand their reasonings) so that’s why there’s no chance of me being homeschooled now nor for the rest of my high school career, unfortunately. But for college, I think me being able to take online school is actually likely considering I’ll be an adult at that time. My Mom just recently graduated from online grad school with this impressive business major so I understand the hard work that I would have to do if I choose online schooling for college. However, I’m wondering if online colleges are actually a good choice to be considering. Are they just as good as attending a college class or is this whole thing just a no- no route? I’m sorry if this question is dumb but I’m just genuinely curious. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


There are reputable online accredited universities that offer many degrees. The public and nonprofit ones are best. Avoid at all costs for profit universities. I’ve taken online university courses. It is a *much* more difficult way to go. Professors are not as supportive and staying on track is difficult. You would also miss the university experience. Missing the dorm parties is good, but you’ll miss positive things as well. Many life long connections are made in college. They can help you in your future career growth and life. Ultimately it’s up to you. Remember that while you’ll legally be an adult, your parents still need to either pay or provide their information for FAFSA student aid. Until you are not claimed by them as a tax dependent for several years you can’t apply with just your information.


If it’s what you want then go for it. There are so many good colleges that have online courses that you could choose from and if it’s what you think is good for you then do it! There’s no shame in trying to do your best even if that does mean changes the environment you work in.


As a homeschooler who started taking college classes at fourteen, I don't consider fifteen to be too young to start thinking about it. I would do research on the individual schools. In my experience, online classes can be a lot harder than the in-person ones. Whether they'll work for you or not depends on your learning style. Would your parents let you take an online class from a local community college while you're in high school, to try it out? Another option is to find an university that has the option for online classes, along with in-person. See what works for you - maybe doing half-and-half would work well, maybe online is best, maybe in-person is best. It allows options.


Not necessarily. Ask your guidance counselor.