Does anyone know if you do online school and take a gym class does it cout if you ever decide to go back to a rugular school ?

Or would you have to take it over?


If you are enrolled in an online Public Charter School and that school granted you credit for gym, yes any brick-and-mortar public school in your state should accept the credit. However, if either of the schools you are speaking about is not a public school it is really going to depend on whether the so-called regular school recognizes credits granted by the online school. In fact I would say if they don't accept the gym credit, they probably won't accept the other credits either.

Retired Mafia Moll

If you are registered by your School to do home schooling, you do get credit for it.. However, I do not know if your GYM class is. I don't think you can. You need to check with the school you are going to, for that answer. Have a good day, Jalyn.


No because PE is not mandatory anymore. I doubt it would even if it was !


How do you take a PE class online?