Due progressives to stay alive in politics expect people to stay poor by creating dependency from freebee this and freebee that hand outs?


Cindy LGPB

No. They want an economy that works for everyone, not just the fortunate few. When the economy begins to harm some in the system, they want mechanisms in place to help those who need a little help getting back on track. They want people to participate in contributing to the economy, so people must be educated. They must be healthy and they must be fed. Doing these things strengthens the economy and offers a better life for everyone.


Nope. To “stay alive” progressives put people before the regressive fantasies.


Trolling trolling trolling.


The whole point of subsidizing college education, and Sanders and others have suggested, is to give people a way to get out of poverty. What are conservatives doing for them?


I think you meant "Do progressives try to stay alive"


Shouldn't you be working, it's a workday. I'm retired


That's how they keep their voters on the hook. If they actually instilled a work ethic into them and encouraged them to support themselves rather than relying on the government and taxpayers to support them, they'd have fewer voters.