Is this a good resume?

Hi, I'm Kensett Moyle. I'm a 16 year old student that has experience in running businesses and making BIG deals. My Dads a CEO so I've learned all of my skills from him. I am very charismatic, friendly, and smart. I'm a near straight A student and I absolutely love learning. I'm pretty good at making friends quickly and closing deals easily. Even though I have no prior work experience I still believe that I have all the required trades to make US a lot of money. Is this good for the "about me" section on a resume


No, its awful. Its not a resume, its a paragraph of blurb that employers would laugh at … a 16 year old kid with no work experience who yet claims to have experience of making BIG deals -- what deals? getting your pocket money raised 50p a week ? pretty good a making friend quickly - might be true, but it does NOT belong on a resume, neither does the fact that you are charismatic or smart.. and does making friends quickly belong in the same sentence of closing deals ?? No it doesn't - the two have nothing to do with each other you claim to close deal easily - what deals ? Don't make claims without backing them up And as for ' I still believe that I have all the required trades to make US a lot of money'... again another ludicrous claim that means nothing. Without sounding harsh, you are a 16 year old kid that has not worked a day in his life and yet thinks they can offer it all. Nothing wrong with ambition and confidence - but don't overdo it and make yourself a laughing stock A resume is a list of your qualifications, experience and skills. So start with your name, and contact details, then go on to list what qualifications you have or are working towards, then add your work experience - even if that is just a paper round when you were 14 or working with your dad on school holidays, voluntary work etc Finally add your skills and don't just make claims - anything you claim, back up with evidence. You claim to make big deals - ok put that, but substantiate it - give an example of a 'big deal'. You claim to have 'all the required trades'.. again what does that mean ? Don't put what you haven't got - so don't tell them you have no work experience - they can see that without you needing to tell them. Tell them do you do have and what you can do.


You would make such a great ceo if you write your full name on a public website full of scammers.

Lord Bacon

It is not appropriate to start a résumé with 'Hi'. I suggest you say 'student who has experience' rather than 'student that has experience'. Résumés tend to be written in the third person these days rather than the first person. If the convention is different where you are, then follow whatever rules apply locally. There are some excellent on-line guides on how best to write a résumé though they are mostly aimed at people with qualifications and work experience. The same principles probably apply to you. When you make statement about, say, running a business and making big deals, it would be helpful to include specific examples to give it credibility. The same applies to any quality you want to stress: Give examples. It is not about your dad. It is about you. What your dad does is not relevant, at least not in the way you included it. It looks as though you are hoping to 'ride on his coat tails', which does not look good on a résumé. You use mostly short, simple sentences. They can be good in some circumstances but I wonder if more complex sentences would better indicate your thinking and communicating ability. The beginning of your final sentence ('Even though I have no prior work experience') seems to contradict much of what you said earlier. In the latter part of your final sentence, do you mean 'traits' rather than 'trades'? Overall, do you think you have prioritised what the recipient of the résumé might be looking for from someone of your age and experience, given the likely positions for which you might wish to be considered? While it is not currently a résumé that would impress me, I am sure it can be revised enough to have a positive impact.


You say that you have "... experience in running businesses and making BIG deals" yet you also say ".... I have no prior work experience." Which is it? They can't both be true.