How do i get my parents to homeschool me?

I have social anxiety and other people make me anxious and stressed but my parents dont even know what that is.


Get your doctor involved.


The condition termed 'stress' was first recognised in the 1970's, when it was found to be one of the major causes of all deaths in the developed world. It causes cancer, heart attacks, and diseases caused by having a an unstimulated immune system. It can be made worse by factors such as 'not learning at your own pace' or other school related issues.


It's best to face society now. There is no point in running away and hiding. One day you'll have to go out there and your parents may not be there anymore. So get through with it now


Life lesson #1 most parents are poorly educated And cant home school. Life is messy and painful And bad people make it even more painful or Difficult and lazy people never get much of Anything accomplished. Try not to give up Or become too lazy to find the solution to Your current problem. What ever it is on a Given day. Most people are too busy solving Their problems to help you with yours. So Don't get angry when people just walk away When you need them. We all have stuff to Fix.