How I it that people who smoke like chimneys and drink like find live into thier 80s but others die of lymphoma in their 30s?



Genetics, some folks are just really unlucky


now re-read your stupid question and tell me how many grammar mistakes you made

Zulcan The Great.

Such is life.

Pearl L

cause life aint fair, i dont snnoke nnyself, i realize i could get cancer anyways but the difference is i wouldnt feel like it was nny fault


Genetics and luck.


Just goes to show you, enjoy your Life.


you sound like you died years ago. get a life kid.


Jesus said there is nothing in this world that can harm you. The one who sins is the one who dies - The father will not tolerate the iniquity of the son. Which means, one/we can only die in sin. (Paradoxically the world is already dead) One of the ways that karma works is to pick up protozoa latentcy (Usually because of the sinfulness of the greedy whom are first) - Human Parthenogenisis and Gen curses for breaking commandments. Miraja's Amnesiac Cash Once I was a porn star now I'm in a vegetable.


The smoke kills off any nasty bacteria lurking in their system, and the alcohol pickles them.