Why don't people realize Trump is inspiring change just like Martin Luther King! They are very similar...Trump is enacting King's legacy.?



The true TDS is thinking TRump is doing a good job. He's brought the US down in many ways.


Similar how? They are absolutely nothing alike.


President Donald Trump believes responsibility for a government shutdown goes straight to the top, right to the president’s office. At least that’s what he said on Fox News — when he was talking about Barack Obama in 2013. This is another pathetic troll attempt, looks like the skilled trolls are long gone.


You must be on "CRACK" as an online, Y!A blueface anonymous Russian Troll. You online Kids are ABSOLUTELY worthless in today's World. Just my opinion as an Adult.


They are nothing alike. They are complete opposites. MLK believed in freedom, equality, and social welfare. He wanted to help black Americans, impoverished Americans, and do so using non-violent methods. dt believes in self-enrichment, lying, committing treason with our nation's enemy, inciting racism, invoking fear and revulsion of foreigners, employing prejudice to define certain people as terrorists without proof, kidnapping innocent children and putting them into concentration camps, jailing and persecuting those who ask for amnesty, sexually assaulting women, committing adultery with consenting women, abetting polluters, giving tax benefits to the wealthy, giving natural human rights to corporations, employing illegal aliens while simultaneously denouncing such people, leaving war victims to languish in dangerous situations, and harming tens of thousands of dutiful American citizens who work for the government. trump is an abomination and a creature of the Devil. Dr. King had many known weaknesses and failures, but they are not greater than the good that he did for his people and the nation.


Get off the koolaid.

Proud Millennial Snowflake

Why do you insist on telling fairy tales?


It was stupid when Pence said it Its even more stupid for you to repeat it