How Long Can My Kid Be Pulled Out Of School?

I live in the state of Texas and I am looking to homeschool my kid. Her anxiety has been really Bad lately, and I cant get her in until Friday, but I dont think she will be able to last the week, so I was wondering if I could pull her out for the week (its monday) and just enroll her into homeschooling friday.


Yes you can do that.


take her out today and let her stay home until than


I think you’re saying you can’t get her in for a doctor’s appointment until Friday. That’s five days, schools would require a doctor’s note for the absence to be excused. You wouldn’t homeschool her for just five days. Check Texas’ laws and follow them. You can google them. If I were you I’d call the doctor’s office and tell them it’s urgent. If she is in any danger of self-harming, don’t wait, call 911.


What are you enrolling her in? Homeschooling really isn't something you enroll in, it's something you do out of your home. While l in some states you have to wait for approval, or must file paperwork before you begin home-schooling, Texas has no such laws.


If she needs to stay home, then keep her home.

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What do you mean by you "can't get her in"? It sounds like you may be talking about online schooling or some other private schooling?? You can begin homeschooling today. Just start teaching her at home with whatever resources you choose. You can go to the library to get books, purchase a complete curriculum... whatever you choose. As far as pulling your daughter out of school this is what is stated at: "Although it’s not part of the legal homeschool requirements in Texas, it is always a good idea to formally withdraw your child from school so that you don’t trigger any truancy inquiries. To do so, you can send either a withdrawal email or letter to the principal, counselor, and attendance clerk of the school letting them know that you are officially withdrawing your child from school and sharing the date in which your homeschooling will begin (or began.)" Check the link for further info on TX law on homeschooling.