What would you recommend: K12 or Connections Academy ?(California) im currently a Sophomore in HS but I want to apply my junior year.?

So I’ve seen many things about online high schools (free) that I’ve personally liked because of the offering of AP and Honors classes (something I don’t have in my traditional school) but I’m not sure if it would benefit me to join online school. I searched up Connections adjacent Capistrano on niche and it showed that people rate below the average in college readiness and other things which scares me. I am currently attending a college prep high school but I don’t really like it because we are all forced to take the same classes and they don’t offer AP or Honors. They also make us take spanish 1 even if we are fluent which sucks. This is mainly the reasons why I’m looking to join online school but I want to be sure that if I do join, I won’t ruin my future career .


In general online schools have poor results. Part of that is that they attract at risk students or students for whom traditional school isn’t working. Who they attract is out of their control. However, they also tend to provide poor support. It is difficult to motivate and pace yourself to be at a computer for hours. I know that because I’ve taken online college courses. In my opinion, it’s a more difficult way to go. There is something to be said about human interaction. Now, can I give you my two cents worth on taking Spanish? I’m also bilingual. Part of my job is translation. It’s often difficult for native speakers to take Spanish in school. That’s because they’ve learned social Spanish in the home. We have little or no formal Spanish knowledge. I get written correspondence from Spanish speakers with glaring spelling and grammatical errors. Just like English, there’s different expectations in different settings. Keep taking it. It should be an easy A if you focus. It was for me.