I really feel homeschooling is the best option for me but my parents aren’t on the same page . Any help?



i was going through the same thing, at first my dad laughed at the thought of that. but now both my parents are open to it and said that i can do it if i wish to (i am and it’s great) they just said that they wanted to go through it with me and make sure it was what i want to do. so don’t stop persuading them, don’t go over the top, but also show that you are serious about this, i personally wrote out a list on my phone for the pros (don’t write cons) and then just showed it to my dad. don’t lose hope either, it took me a solid 2 months, but i probably had only 3 discussions in that period, cause you want them to digest the information and then wait for them to bring up the topic to you. what ever you do don’t get mad at them, you can get mad after you talked with them but not infornt of them.


Figure out what their objections are and address those. For example, if they’re concerned you’ll become a mom’s basement dwelling Yahoo! addict like irrational Mike up there, go out and get involved in a community activity now. Show them you can make a better argument than being hateful.

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Yes. Help. Who would do the teaching? Why would homschooling be better than regular schooling?


my kids are grown but if I had them now, I would home school since I have credentials and could teach them , reason.... school shootings, ...bullies.... tell your parents you can turn out to be a better person, because of so much negativity in schools now days, giving other kids attitudes to deal with them when if you didn't have that at home, you could focus more on education instead of problems. you can always go to a youth meeting at a nearby church to get social skills


Tell them some stuff about stress, and learning at your own pace, and say you sometimes feel like cutting yourself, and that you cannot learn in school because of the drugs and profanity.


tell them you are more focused when you are not around a bunch of leftist communist school teachers telling you that America is the cause for everything wrong in life