What’s the meaning of "cut it out"?

In the movie Mary Magdalene 2018, minute: 03:54, there is this sentence: "Mary! You have to tell her. She can't cut it out.". So, my question is: what’s the meaning of "She can't cut it out"? Thank you, It is about a woman about to give birth, these are the sentences from English subtitle: -Mary! You have to tell her. She can't cut it out. -There's no time for this. -You can't cut her. -She needs to push. -There's no point pushing. The baby can't get through. -You have to find a way. -I can try and stretch her, but she needs to stay completely still.


'Cut it out' means stop it/pack it up. However, in this sentence, I'd suggest that 'out' isn't needed because it makes no sense. More like 'She can't cut it'.... meaning she can't live up to what's needed/ expectations/ make the grade.