Why don't some Christians like freemason?

they think Free mason are satanic & they run the world

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Freemasonry is largely a male club where they get together, listen to speakers and raise money for charities. However, it has an underlying tradition of magic and blood oaths that are not compatible with Christianity.


Some Christians have very overactive imaginations about the Masons, who when it comes down to it are also mostly just Christians but with an esoteric layer of funny handshakes and homoerotic parlour games. At least they raise some money for charity whilst they're at it. They do recruit figures in powerful positions where possible but they don't run the world. Not even close! They just don't have anything like enough of a grip on power. In fact abuse of power is a disciplinary offence within the Masons. They also lack any total vision or master-plan so wouldn't much rank on the bond villain scale. They're a grown up boys (and recently girls) club for folks who like to imagine life is a hogwarts roleplay - putting on funny costumes and talking about olde worlde mysticism. Whatever power Freemasons think they have or had has been massively eroded by modern civic institutions and secular democratic government. The world has just grown so much larger around them. Like most religious organisations in the western world, they've become ornamental and a bit pointless. Kept around out of tradition. What is with all the Freemasonry questions recently?

Jiraiya The Gallant

They many different beliefs about the Christianity Beliefs like Satan not being an actual being but a description of sin or evil.