How would you personally help shape the culture at your organization to maintain both An Ethical and Social responsible culture?



Ensure feedback communication to higher management is not only possible but also facilitated. One of the best ways to do that is by what I call "management by walking about." This simply entails that senior management, all the way up, takes time to actually walk about where his reports are working. Management talks and listens to them where they are working and asks how they're doing. What can we do to make things better? And so on. When workers see their managers in the workplace, they get the feeling that management cares about them. I don't mean micromanaging. In fact in management by walking about, the manager does very little talking...his or her job is mostly to listen for that feedback. And of course a major part of that feedback is how management responds to the feedback. If there is no response, the workers will soon come to believe that it's useless to them to provide feedback. They will soon become skeptical and demoralized. In other words, to shape a proper and effective work environment management has to respond positively and effectively to what he or she hears in the workplace.