Math homework please?

Michael has 24 pairs of socks. Michael has 3 times more socks than Thomas. Chris has 5 times more sdockd than Thomas. How many socks do they altogether?


M= 24 T= 24/3 C= 5(24/3) 24/1 +24/3 + 120/3 = 24 + 8+ 40 =


By now you should understand how to do these on your own. (Hint: Thomas has 1 unit. In this problem, each unit = 1 pair, which = 2 socks.)


M=24 M=3T T=8 C=5T C=40 M+T+C=?


Take it one at a time. So how many does Thomas have? 24/3. Now how many does Chris have? OK, now add them up.