Can I still have a 4.0 gpa? (Will award best answer)?

So my average for each class so far is an A+, but in one quarter I got a B. Does gpa count specific grades, or just an overall average for each grade?


That depends on how the GPA is calculated. There are many different ways to calculate GPAs and averages. GPAs can be for the current term or can be cumulative. Some grades may not be equal to other grades. There is no difference between A+ and an A in an unweighted GPA. The most common mistakes I see is not using 4.00000 as the top of the GPA scale and using credit hours when that is usually not how middle school and high school GPAs are calculated, but there are exceptions. Then there are the constant complaints that how GPAs are calculated is not fair. An A+ is meaningless. It's like making a big difference in how many brownie points you have compared to someone else. In the real world, that may not make a difference, but it can be a BIG difference in your credibility. If you have B, and that B is included included in the GPA calculation, no, you cannot have a perfect GPA.


GPA counts only final grades - the grades that appear on your report card.. So it depends on what you mean by "quarter". Some colleges are on the quarter system, so the quarter grade IS your final grade for the class. However, most schools are on the semester system. If yours is, then the "quarter" grade is not the final grade for the class. It also depends on whether you are in high school and, if so, whether you are referring to weighted or unweighted gpa.


Every grade counts. Since you have a B on your record, you will never have a 4.00.