Is college debt problem and why do you think it is?



don't know, as I don't have any. Uncle Sam paid all of mine ................................


confiscatory administrator paychecks, waste in dumbassae curriculae,


You realize half the money these liberal frauds get for their so called college tuition is spent on other garbage.


Yes, judging by this question, their English departments are failing


yes, cause you still need to pay it back


Look at all the young people still living with mom and dad because they're up to their eyes in student debt. That's proof enough that it's a problem.


because people borrow 50,000 - 100,000 dollars to get a degree that has an average starting salary of 20,000 per year


Yes it is a problem, and it's mostly due to financial institutions, but colleges and universities are also to blame since they keep on raising tuition. They're all basically only wanting the rich to be able to attend colleges/universities like it used to be.


All debt can be a problem.


Yes. Because parents make their kids gay.

Joe in texas

College tuition is an investment. If you don't make more money with a college education then it was a poor investmetnt. If you became an electrical engineer you made a good investment. If you sepnt four years getting a degree in feminism and gender studies it was a poor investment. Why should I pay for your mistake knowing it will encourage even more young people to waste their time studying useless crap? You want and education? Use the internet

Jingoist Jones

It's because too many people go to college and most of them drop out.