How many days is in 29.90 hours?

I'm trying to figure this out for work to have some time off. Does 8+8+8= 24 mean 3 days in work hours? Need help with this. I'm new for this.

Spock (rhp)

ya ... 8 hours is a full work day in the US. you've got 3 days, 5 hours, and 54 minutes there. [1/10th hour equal six minutes]


It depends on the length of your usual work shift. If you normally work an 8-hour shift, then you have just over 3 days and 4.9 hours of leave. Normally, if you want to take 4 full days off, some companies will allow you to take the "missing" 3.1 hours as "leave without pay".... meaning you take off 4 days (32 hours), but you will be paid for only 29.9 of those hours. Other companies will not allow you to take off more hours than you have coming to you. So, you could work until 1:00 pm or so on Tuesday, and then leave early, taking off Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (and Saturday and Sunday, if those are your normal days off.) Be sure you check your company's policy. MANY companies state that, if you take off the day before or after a paid holiday, you do not get paid for the holiday. For example, if July 4 is on a Thursday, and you take your 3 days off on Friday, Monday and Tuesday (in order to get 6 total days off, you will not be paid for July 4). Also, many companies require that you get approval for time off at least 30 days in advance... Be sure you are familiar with ALL the policies regarding time off. Good luck.


3.7375 work days. 29.90 hours รท 8 hours = 3.7375 work days. You don't need to add the hours together. You are over thinking the problem and making it more complicated than it is.