I’m scared that I just did something stupid please help? Lol?

On my Snapchat I’ve been getting like a thousand of people adding me by my username and it started happening when I made a tinder and put my Snapchat user name on there. it freaked me out to have so many guys taking to me 😖 on top of the fact that one of the guys that added me claimed to be from the gang ms13 after that i blocked him and deleted my tinder. I accepted about 3 of them and then realized that that wasn’t for me because I get creeped out easily . One of the adds was from a girl that claimed to be a model recruiter and at first I accused her of being a fake and for her to leave me alone but then she convinced me that it was real by sending me the link to he website and I signed up without researching it and now that I try and go back to the website it’s like it doesn’t exist it’s called dibgirl.com and I can’t find anything on it . The name of the girl that claimed to be a recruiter was MKUltra. And after looking that up I’m creeped out now by my results . The website asked me for my name birthday height weight and pictures that were not edited. It had options of choosing for. Gymwear to no clothing at all and I sent about 2 pictures of me in a bra and underwear or bra and leggings. Then she messaged me back right after I sent the information and told me they needed a few days to review my information. Is this a real modeling agency or did I just send explicit pics of myself to some creep?? 😭. I know I should have been smart and researched it but I didn’t

Blue Sky 🐾

You got perved alright. So just delete that account and start over, and block the person who is emailing you. You didn't send nudes, but Id be willing to bet this person will start asking for them.


Can you start a whole new account, and never go back to the old one.

Amberly Jackson

I sent those 2 pics along with about 5 other pics of me fully clothed and how did they make a fake website it looked so real


yeah u sent them to a perv lol