Should I take AP Biology or AP Chemistry?

I am an 9th grader going to into 10th grade and have to choose my tenth grade classes. I took living environments in 8th grade and I’m currently taking chemistry. I am quite good at chemistry and I want to go into ap chem. However, many of my friends warn me that it will be impossibly hard. They all want to do ap bio but I don’t. I’m thinking about taking bio just so that I will have people that I can work and study with. I know it is supposed to be my decision but if anyone who has taken these classes can give me some insight on which I should take, I’d appreciate it.


Talk to your chemistry teacher. If you likes chemistry go for AP chem. You may find you have a knack for it. This could lead you to a major once in college.


if u r planning on being a science major in the future i would say take ap chem so it will prepare you better for college. i know when i was in high school i wished i paid more attention in chem (had honor chem but no such thing as ap chem) because in college i had to work harder to understand the concepts. or if you can take both! But i would lean more towards ap chem because it might be more useful for college.


Take em both