What is the most affordable and helpful 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Or how do you find ways to afford it? tuition plus flight is pretty expensive. I've done some research but would love any tips, opinions, input. Id love to go out of country but is not essential. The cost for flights is what is making it so difficult. There are a few very inexpensive trainings in India but from Colorado the flights are over $1000. It seems that everything with less expensive flights is way more expensive for tuition and the other way around.


I have a very tight budget, working on saving. Was just hoping to get some ideas on how to get it done faster.... I Am not originally from Colorado and don't plan on staying here, its one of the most expensive places I have lived, so it just so happens at this time, no I can not afford it. I don't pay many bills either because yes, I have support as well. I am doing it to help others as well as myself because yoga is something that has gotten me through a lot in my life and its something that id like to share. Thank you.


You can't afford $3000 for a course to be certified. How much do you anticipate making once you complete training and start paying insurance? How many studios are desperate for yoga teachers in Colorado? The way most people afford a hobby or training for a job is to budget their money and forgo non-essential expenses. The only person I know who does this also operates a Pilates Studio, and that doesn't pay the bills, either. She also teaches at two other studios in the area. So, she basically works three part time jobs, and is still supported by her husband's income.