Why do schools ignore it and even encourage it when students with adhd are bullied?

happened me my whole life and they think just cuz i am a disruption at times that i desrvbe to be bulied and they never listen to me when i say i am maybe a few times they have


Sorry you had to endure such a terrible childhood. The fact that you can talk about it shows how strong you are and you are not a disruption.


That is the problem many people face. Teachers are cruel, school is cruel, kids are cruel.


This is not the school as much as it is the teacher. They have their favorites and they can do no wrong in their eyes. I was a bully meself but I beat up the other bullies for bulling other kids. And no one messed with me either! Have you told your parents about this feeling; do so; you could save someones life, maybe your own! You mite try talking to the principle about this issue. DO IT SOON!


People ignore bullying all the time, not just bullying of the ones with special needs. They don't show preferences. they ignore it all.


Horrible isnt it


Because people are lazy to the max. If they can get payed for doing nothing, they'll do nothing. Your only option is to secretly record audio proving it on your phone and keep reaching out to higher authorities until the only option is the media. You may give those recordings to the media, but don't give them to the other people. They will rather go against you, a single individual, than 10+ bullies, and ban you for allegedly violating rights. Remain calm, and only play the recordings back to them. If it comes to that, a ban, then don't be afraid to get a lawyer to consider your options. Don't listen to the average Yahoo! troll.


And yet you've only managed to reach 414 points on Y!A???


I was a Ritalin kid, and was bullied, but heck, so where every kid who was not a bully. I grew a pair.


It sounds like you are using adhd as an excuse for behaving badly. Being adhd does not excuse for being a disruption. That being said, I would have to hear an example of what Bullying is to you. If you are being a disruption and someone says "hey dipstick stop being a disruption" that is not bullying Don't play the victim if what you are is the problem.