What is wrong with being an American imperialist?

I like the imperialist system because it can allow a person to become wealthy through work, whereas in a communist system, work does not equal success and financial freedom Do liberals prefer to support socialist policies or imperialism? I also watch the Russia Today channel on YouTube, and they always criticize the west for being imperialist, which is silly in my opinion because communism in China, Russia, or Venezuela, does not lead to success


Americans have a system that provides opportunity to just about everyone. Other countries have a closed system, generally because it is a carryover from the opportunity by birthright, although it is somewhat suppressed. The birthright elites still exert control over the media and institutions, so what you are seeing are their propaganda. That extends to any form of government. At one time, everything was by birthright and if you didn't agree, they would chop your head off. Or go to war.


jews control the US


73% of the people in this country can not afford a $1000 emergency, nearly half the people in this country make less then $30,000 a year and over 60% live paycheck to paycheck? Who is this system working for exactly? Certainly not the majority of Americans