Do you like coconut macaroons? I like coconut macaroons. And I feel strongly that since I like coconut macaroons, you should like them too?

Or else you are clearly infidels.

Corvus Blackthorne

As a raven, I have a more meat oriented diet.


I like them.


The Coconut Macaroonies are another crumby cult with half baked ideas.


I like to have fun with your woopie cushion. If you don't allow me to have fun with your woopie cushion I will enslave you. Is that better?


I love them


Very schmoozy you are a very shrewd fellow being so even handed so lukewarm So carefully bestriding your fence you can manipulate my sheep and his goats at once but I don't know you and I will not know you at a later time You are lukewarm and you sit on a fence and even my enemy will not trust you. Because we eat pork and play with dogs he wants murder and plunder and wallow in booty for he is a murderer and a murderous soul. The in advisability of eating pork or indeed harming any of God's creatures notwithstanding, Jesus Christ is not a murderer. Those against Christ and His people are Antichrist.

The Book of David

Do you eat them plain, or dipped in dark chocolate? Just wanna know if you're a heretic.