Why do people turn gay when theyve been rejected or have a bad experience?

With heterosexual dating? Isn't it the same thing?


Because they are gay


They don't. Being gay or not is how they are born.

Good Man

It is a psychological illness , nothing belongs to rejection.The “why” question is important because “there is a strong correlation between beliefs about the origins of sexual orientation and tolerance of non-heterosexuality,” according to the report authors, who hail from seven universities spanning the globe. Specifically, people who believe sexual orientation is biological are more likely to favor equal rights for sexual minorities. (When Atlantic contributor Chandler Burr proposed in his 1996 book, A Separate Creation, that people are born gay, Southern Baptists called to boycott Disney films and parks in protest against the publisher, Disney subsidiary Hyperion.) It shouldn’t matter whether people “choose” to be gay, but politically, it does—at least for now. MORE STORIES The Tricky Ethics of Transplants for Addicts JOSHUA D. MEZRICH What Life Is Like When Corn Is off the Table SARAH ZHANG A Hexagonal Theory of Memory JORDANA CEPELEWICZ QUANTA What It’s Like to Visit an Existential Therapist FAITH HILL One of the most consistent environmental explanations for homosexuality is called the fraternal birth order effect. Essentially, the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay. The effect doesn't hold for older or younger sisters or younger brothers, or even for adoptive or step-brothers.


hahaha i dont think so


Because a boy girl relationship is overrated. People talk about it everywhere, the songs , the movies etc. everything is centered around that. So when people get a bad experience they don't feel like wasting their energy into it