Why do US taxpayers shame themselves into funding other nations' education and defense when every one of those nations is capable of paying?

' its own way? . ' If TAXPAYERS were gaining anything from this, I could see doing it. We're not. Expanding a "sphere of influence" helps some in govt and the military. Not me. Not you. Not your kids. .


Did you mean "are capable"? because it looks to me like you had a really bad English teacher...


Influence, the US doesn't help nations because of the kindness of their hearts. Just like China and Russia, they all look to expand their sphere of influence, the US is no different

Uncle Pennybags

We've gotten used to the status quo. Remember, after World War II, much of the world was in a shambles, with the Soviet Union emerging as a strong force for evil in the world. The USA helped with foreign aid and defense in order to prevent the Soviet Union from marching across Europe and to prevent the spread of communism elsewhere. We got used to having NATO for 40+ years while the USSR was a threat. Then even after the USSR broke up, we still kept NATO and kept funding other countries defense because it seemed in our best interests for the sake of stability. Now, some of us are resenting the fact that we are still paying for the defense of wealthy countries.

Actual Llewen

Foreign Aid Less than 1% of the budget 80% is paying for Israel's 400 jet Air Force (Japan only has enough money for 200 Jets)


Our military is used to protect international corporate interests, not for our security generally. International aid prevents mass migrations, pandemics and starvation for millions and we don't spend much on it anyway, less than 1% of the budget. The Iraq war was unjustifiable.