72 Percent Attendance, High School ADVICE.?

Not going into too many details but honestly in this past year my family and I have TRULY been at our lowest. Bottom of the barrel - poverty line and darn near homeless. I’ve calculated and I’ve figured that if I miss only 3 more days of school this year, I will be at a 72 percent attendance rate. I’m currently at a 45 percent . I know this sounds horrible, and I just wanted to say, it is. I feel horrible for it and things are finally starting to shape up so I’ve figured I might as well tough it out and get my diploma. I’m not dumb, just been dealt a tough deck. Is there any hope? Anybody been in my shoes before that has gotten through it and been a better version of themselves? Thanks.. any advice or tips are helpful. I’m a Junior in HS in CALIFORNIA. :)


Your dean of students or the principal should know about your situation. Is getting to school a problem? No school bus service? Your school can help you.