How to make up a bad grade?

I don’t usually post on yahoo answers but I felt like I had nowhere to go for advice because all of my friends kinda dismissed this and my parents would kill me if I told them, but just today I got a 19/100 on a history quiz. Im in AP World History and usually I glide by with high 70s-80s since my teacher is a super tough grader. I haven’t done this bad EVER in my life and I feel like I’m not going to be able to recover from this grade because of how low my grades are already by my standards. My teacher is really personable and generally kind so I was considering asking him to help me out to maybe get it up a few points so it’s at least a 50, which is easier to recover from, but I don’t want to seem pushy or whiny. Any advice? The quiz was kind of a hard one and nobody really did exceptionally well but nobody tanked it like I did. My averages in that class for the last 2 quarters were a 78 and a 75, but usually my grades are in the high 80s and low-mid 90s in every other class, just so you get a feel for what I’m used to.


Best answer is to ask to do extra credit. Teachers hate excuses for doing poorly on tests. If it is an anomaly, you might get them to let you retake, but they will respect you more if you say "you know what I am not happy with my performance, I know that I can do better, is there anything that I could do for extra credit to make up for that test?" It's not fun, but it will be more likely to get the outcome you want (a better overall grade), because they will have a harder time saying no.


The only thing that I can think of right now is to perhaps ask the teacher if you can schedule a meeting and go over the quiz to see where you went wrong. You may not be able to get extra points but showing the teacher that you are willing to learn where you went wrong could show them that you are willing to correct any future mistakes. You could ask if there is or will be any opportunity to improve grades. Extra credit perhaps.


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