Should I take 5 APs? (AP Bio + AP Chem)?

I am a sophomore with a 3.94 GPA. I'm in the process of course selections for my upcoming school year. I am planning on taking the following classes: 1. AP Bio 2. AP Chem 3. AP Micro 4. AP Seminar 5. IB Lang & Lit Sl 6. Pre-calc I am also planning on studying mandarin and japanese as well. (I have the basics of both languages) I was wondering if the work load is too much considering the fact that I want to do well in all of my classes and get 5's on my AP exams Should I take one more AP?





Brilliant "Skippy" Answer

Yes, you should also plan on taking college courses locally during the summer. Take as many PSATs as you can and see if you make it as a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. My kids are doing the same thing