Should I transfer back to old school?

I miss the school I went to from kindergarten to 8th grade, this school is in a small town where I grew up, and where my mom is currently living. this place is 20 minutes away from a bigger city where my dad lives and i currently am going to school at. for some reason i switched school for my freshman year to this much bigger school. My old class had 100 kids that i knew every single one and now there s over 1,000. i ve been going here a semester but I m going to finish freshman year. I have friends at my new school but there is so much drama, I feel like I hang out with kids from my old school more than even the ones i m going to school with now. I miss my old friends and seeing them all everyday, and i don t want my mom to move to my dad s city. Should I go back to my old school? I have the option to move back but it will make my dad mad, he won’t have to drive me though because I will be 16 soon. At my new school there is lots of drama but so many more class options since it is bigger. I made a pros and cons list but i’m still so confused what should I do? Should I transfer back to my old school?

Spock (rhp)

first, your old school only runs through grade 8 and you're now in grade 9 -- so, if you went to school where your mom lives, it would be the local high school, not the K-8 you recall. My guess is that class size in that high school may well be several hundred, not 100. So, you'd get some social relief, but not as much as you might think -- especially if your classes do NOT dovetail with those of your old friends. Now -- huge schools aren't for everyone. {Imho, that's part of why huge schools have been more subject to shooting incidents -- they're socially much harder to adjust to.} All you can do is remake your list of pros and cons in light of your new information; check to see if driving yourself to school every day is even going to be a possible [what leads you to think you'll have daily access to a car?] and then make what seems to be the best choice for you -- assuming your parents will support that, of course. {We do not know why you moved from living with your mother to living with your father. I know that in some subcultures, this is very common for young men of a certain age -- they become Dad's responsibility along about your age. Maybe that's you and maybe not. Did you ask your parents why they wanted you to make the move?}