When someone challenges you to a fight after school do you skip 7th period class and go home.?


Laurie: No. I would respectfully decline to fight

No. I would respectfully decline to fight: "Nope. Not fighting. You win." If you think you are in danger of being attacked, you should go to the office and have them call your parents to pick you up. STAY AT THE SCHOOL, IN THE OFFICE, until your parents arrive. DO NOT LEAVE THE SCHOOL, and do not try to sneak out early. They will be looking for that. If the school officials don't take your complaint seriously, throw a fit and demand they call your parents. This happened to me when I was a kid -- the school officials told me I was overreacting, and to "just go home".The kids who attacked me almost killed me. You have to do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.


I had that happen to me, I showed up, he didn't, that was end of it