My fortune cookie says 'people who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them'. Im confused. What does this mean?



It means don't waste your life waiting around for other people. Instead, be the kind of person that people are willing to wait around for. Fill your life with fun instead of relying on other people to bring the fun. This can apply to all areas of life. If you are single, don't spend your time waiting around for someone who shows up late for your date. Instead, go out and meet a ton of people so that you aren't stuck with the person who wastes your time. If you are applying for a job, don't sit around waiting for one employer who is late to interview you, or more importantly, don't sit around waiting for one boss to notice your potential and promote you. Instead, go out and network and ask for new opportunities so that you have lots of options and plenty of people can see your worth. Never waste time waiting for someone else. Instead, spend that time meeting tons of other people so you have plenty of options and opportunities. At the same time, make sure that you bring so much to the table that everyone feels like it is worth waiting for you.


well when you're waiting ages for your friend it can make you mad. so if you're the person that is late you're not gonna be mad because you didn't have to wait ages for the friend to turn up.


When you are sitting waiting for someone what do you do? Think? sit there bored? Panic about things? Now think about a person who is running late. All they are concerned with is getting there, and in some cases they don't care even about that!

Lorenzo Steed

That separates the A type personalities from the B type.


it means that people who are late are happy-go-lucky and don't really care what others think of them. but people who are on time are gonna be p!ssed about having to wait on the late people.


If A is going to a gathering and waiting for the friend B. The friend(B) who is arriving late to the gathering is happier (from the view point of A or in general) than that of A(friend lol) who had to wait.


Well, it means you have a choice. Do you want to be the "happy" sort of person, or would you rather be sure that you haven't upset someone else.

The Football God

You gullible enough to believe fortune cookies.


That seems rather self explanatory to me. Do YOU like waiting around for people?


It's the Theory of Relativity. A person who is active (hurrying to get somewhere) is happier and time seems to move faster than the person waiting who is usually bored and time seems to almost stand still.


They are late because they are busy doing stuff that they are enjoying more than spending time with you.