If the liberal run education system is so good, why are so many high school and college grads so ignorant?



the American education system produces Idiots I was at Normandy beaches Juno to be precise and 2 Americans why is there a Canadian War cemetery they were Not here on D Day I had to inform them they were first off the beaches and took the First days targets they shook their heads until the Read the Headstones i am still waiting for them to apologise for calling me a liar


many americans don't even go to college, let alone leave their sheltered bubbles blaming education is just an excuse to be ignorant


that's not their purpose in running it, they are interested in indoctrinating the kids to be socialist because they have too many homo's in their camp there's a shortage of kids .............


Liberals aren't the only ones who run public education. Why do you think liberals somehow control it? There are plenty of places where conservatives run the local school system.


They've learned people like you aren't worth paying attention to.

United Plankton

that's the intent of libs


All schools are very different depending on what state you live in. For example, California and Alabama will have different curriculum/teaching styles/and political views. Most college students drop out before they finish and the American style of teaching is very weak compared to other countries who teach in a harsh manner (take: China). One thing good of the American education system is that, compared to other countries, the students are more entrepreneurial and more likely to take on responsibilities like part-time jobs.


Betty De Vos


Like the Gump supporters lol