I'm 22 and have no friends and no gf. Should I look to marry as soon as I can?

I'm afraid of not being able to find a wife and be lonely my entire life. I have no friends, or gf. I'm socially awkward.


you don't know what "Politics section" means. you have a lot of problems

Rick B

Should you look to marry????? First, you must have a girlfriend or two.


I'm 23 and I'm still a virgin. Never had a boyfriend before. Never dated any guy before. But do I want to get married? No. I'm working to save enough money for my higher education because I have lots of things to do. This year, my goal is to learn computer programming and finish learning differential equations. I just got a new job offer two days ago. I know that my future is bright. Even though most people in my age are already settled down with their bfs/gfs, but I'm not. Because everyone is different and you should be yourself, too. Go out and have fun. Just find something interesting to do.


Do whatever you want?

Saints Hasenhüttl

Just keep the effort to find one of them, everyone can be your friends but you must be a good person, i'm sure you will not die alone




People say they are "socially awkward" as if they're describing some permanent physical handicap. "I'm paralyzed from the waist down." "I have a brittle bone condition so I can't do sports." You can learn to be less awkward. Socializing is a skill and you get better at any skill by practicing. It's like me taking tennis lessons, and if I don't get the ball over the net in first lesson, saying "Oh, well. I can never get better so I just give up." Talk to people. Observe how they talk to each other. Do what they do. Practice on people you're not necessarily all that interested in so you can build your skill for when you meet someone interesting.


Well you kind of need to get to know the person first before marrying them... What good is marrying someone if you both decide you aren't a good fit and wind up miserable. Misery with each other and because of each other is kind of worse than being on your own imo.


Men should never marry. They do everything you want without you paying their bills. Stay single and go out more.


"Afraid of not finding a wife."??? You're controlled by women and you will be used up by women for everything you have. Many men nowadays are just like you.


im 35 with no friends or boyfriend you have your whole life ahead of you dont rush to grow up, please!