My friend is 21 and has a failing heart, and tumor in brain?

One of my friends (she lives far from me now) has a failing heart. She has been given 2 weeks to live unless she receives a heart transplant. She also has a non-cancerous tumor in the brain, that she was told grew another inch when she received her 2 week span notification. It s obviously a horribly touchy subject, so being so far away, I don t know how to ask questions, and I know I shouldn t. But my question for here is - She s 21, given 2 weeks to live with these details, is she a primary candidate for a new heart?


A non cancerous tumor isn't an issue. This question has zero to do with cancer No one here can tell what kind of candidate she is for transplant as we don't have enough facts and aren't medically qualified. Why would you ask here in any case as the doctors would have already been assessing her chances and only they could say what her odds are? BTW. When making up obviously false lies like this at least do basic research. Non cancerous tumors don't grow. That's what defines them as non cancerous moron.


The best thing you can do is be a spokesman for the right to die movement.