Where do testicular cancer lumps appear?

I have a lump on the outside of my scrotum. I ve always had a lot of Fordyce spots, so I ve assumed it s just one that s gotten large, but I m not certain. If it was testicular cancer would it be located on the actual ball inside the scrotum, or can it appear on the outside like a big pimple?


Most likely, yes, you're correct. My husband went through a lot of scrotum issues. If you have an appointment within next 3 months, and it's still there, ask; if not, make an appointment, just to alleviate your own fears. PS I hate that you've met with so many negative remarks. We both probably need to find a more serious Q&A website that focuses on health.


You re the one kid in class that can't figure out who was buried in Grant's tomb aren't you? When a sane and intelligent person has this kind of question they ask a doctor.

Jackie M

It is like a marble in your sack


Testicular cancer means cancer of the testicle duh


if you have to ask , you should be at the doctors