I am getting so frustrated! I hate math and I need to study to get a good score on the asvab.?

So I am trying to study for the ASVAB. My main problem is math, which i'm sure is true for most people. But, even the studying and the explanations I am having trouble with. I am on March2Success, I have taken the practice asvab and my scores are 11, 15, 25, 17 in that order. Pretty sure I got lucky with the 25. I just do not understand math. Can someone please help me or give me some advice?

ZZ: Search YouTube for

Search YouTube for: “The Video Math Tutor” There are details for private tuition on his web site ... I knew one (years ago) who did pay this guy for a few private lessons to up their ASVAB scores. It worked! Not sure if this tutor is still in the game but can't hurt your cause to verify, if needed.


You need to get over your mental block with Math. You need to start at the beginning with the basics and work your way up. You need a tutor or a self paced guide that will show you exactly how and explain all the steps. Example: Simple Algebra. If I Multiply some unknown Number by 2 the answer is 10. This is the simplest algebra problem there is as long as you know your multiplication tables. Rewriting the question: "Some Unknown Number" can be represented by the letter X, so that gives you 2X = 10 A formula Which means the same thing. 2 times unknown is equal to 10. To solve this problem you Divide both sides of the Equation by 2 X= 5 2 times 5 = 10 That is your first algebra lesson.


Many people never really grasped the basics in elementary school. Then as it gets more complicated they fall further behind until they give up. My suggestion is to take a look at Khan Academy. It's online and free. It covers math at pretty much every level. Start from the beginning as a review. When it starts getting confusing just work through it and don't give up.


If you graduated HS, & half-way paid attention, the asvab should be a breeze. If you can't pass, you should take some remedial math courses @ your local community college. I was no better than a C student in hs, yet I passed the asvab with little trouble.


Math is the easiest part on the asvab, just go slow through the comprehension part.


which I'm sure is true for most people. And you would be wrong, some have difficulty with math, some with spelling, some with tech, some walking and chewing gum. Many for some strange reason believe their weakness is universal, while at the same time believe their strengths, are unique to them. We all have different skills in different areas, academic is no different then sports. Some have this or that talent while others do not. Learn to embrace the differences, for together is much strong then the individual. As for the math, practice and study is all that you can do, it will either click or it wont. Good luck.