Is an iq of 84 bad or good ??? Someone help figure it out please?



The average IQ is 100. So an IQ of 84 is well below average (I.e. not that good). On the bright side, an IQ of 84 would make you smarter than most animals.


Average IQ is between 85 and 119.. But if it was an online test then it’s not accurate. 85 is the low end and 119 the high end of average.

Aizen 2028

Lower than average IQ

L. E. Gant

Basically, it probably means that you did not understand the questions.


Where did you take this IQ test? If it was online, don't pay any attention to the score. Those are not valid tests. They are just made up by people to get you to their website. A valid IQ test has to be administered by a trained psychologist, in person. You don't just answer questions, you manipulate objects as well. The psychologist would explain your score to you. The average IQ in the US has gone up since the standard was set of 100, and the average is now about 110.


If you had done a legitimate IQ test with. a professional, they would explain your results to you. Online IQ tests are bogus.

Dru Zod

It’s all relative For a Democrat that is very high ... for normal people it is below the average


if you're a democrat, you're in the house or senate.