I’ve have a test tomoroe in inglish class. Dose anywon know if aith graid inglish is hard?



Another inbred troll...

retired old sarge

it aint hard at all... Jus keep larning and u well b ok reding and riting ingrish both. just remember... themrducks, themaintduks, thenr2duks. cemlfi


U R alredy a jeanyus at creativ speling, so i bet that u'll do gr8.


I'm sure you'll do craptacular.


It's not hard, but your atrocious spelling is going to cost you points.


i hard tat aight gade ingles is heard butt ul doo finn


Yes, you have bad english you probably will find it hard.

Dances with Weed

If you pretend youre stupid itll becone permanent one day

Pearl L

sounds like its hard for you, you need to get a tutor to help you out with all this