Please Help me to finish this letter. Please correct any grammar or mistake etc. I’m writing this letter to a School.?

Hello Sir. My name is Nankey . I been a student here for 4 years. 2013 to 2017. I graduated back in 2017 The reason I’m writing to you today because I couldn’t find the best person to contact and tell them My problem. Back in 2018 I completed all my credits. But some how I couldn’t completed the California High School Exit Exam only the English part. Every time when I took the CHSEE. I didn’t do it well enough to pass the English part. I was always getting fail by 10 to 15 points and that was really hurting me a lot. I never had cheated in any of exam. But I have seen a lots of students who cheated and did pass the CHSEE test. For a Person who moved to new country and learn a new language that is little bit hard. Back in 2018 I received a letter from the Unified School District. And the letter says if I haven’t completed My CHSEE test I can contact My School and Received the High School Diploma. Today I ran 2 small business companies and I’m quite doing good with the business. I wholesale Cell Phone Accessories and owe A Trucking company. I Recently received 50 acres from one of our close Family friend And I decide to do Organic Farming. I want it to sign up back in College and get a degree in agriculture.


You have been told to contact your school to find out how to get your HS diploma. Have you done that? Who is this letter going to, what school, for what reason?