Tell me, Please?

Tricks and strategies on every section of SAT to get 1450


How soon is the test? First, don’t panic. You can take the test as many times as you need until you get the score you want. Do NOT choose a college to send it to yet. After you get the highest score possible, then choose a college and pay for it to be sent. They will only send the highest score. Second, if you have time, practice on khan academy. My son used khan academy and other free SAT prep sites to prepare for his ACT’s. He made a 32.. the equivalent of a 1480 on the SAT’s. I asked him which site best prepared him and was most complete.. He said Khan academy was the most up to date. Third, set up a strict study plan. I would recommend taking the practice SAT test on khan first minding all the rules for break time and time limits.. (this gives you an accurate idea of what to expect).. Then see where you are at and what needs the most work. Instead of wasting time studying what you DO KNOW.. concentrate solely on what needs more work!

Word to the Wise

Practice. Do the easy questions first, then come back and do the hard ones. When doing multiple-choice math questions, sometimes it's faster to plug in each option and see which one is correct rather than work the problem. Reading the first and last sentence of a paragraph is a quick way to find out what the paragraph is about. This can help you narrow down your search for an answer to a question. Get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast.


get a tutor to help you study for it