Please help me out with this letter. Is there any thing wrong with the grammar or any mistake in this letter?

Hello Sir. My name is Nankey . I been a student here for 4 years. 2013 to 2017. I graduated back in 2017 The reason I’m writing to you today because I couldn’t find the best person to contact and tell them My problem. Back in 2018 I completed all my credits. But some how I couldn’t completed the California High School Exit Exam only the English part. Every time when I took the CHSEE. I didn’t do it well enough to pass the English part. I was always getting fail by 10 to 15 points and that was really hurting me a lot. I never had cheated in any of exam. But I have seen a lots of students who cheated and did pass the CHSEE test. For a Person who moved to new country and learn a new language that is little bit hard. Back in 2018 I received a letter from the Unified School District. And the letter says if I haven’t completed My CHSEE test I can contact My School and Received the High School Diploma. Today I ran 2 small business companies and I’m quite doing good with the business. I wholesale Cell Phone Accessories and owe A Trucking company. I Recently received 50 acres from one of our close Family friend And I decide to do Organic Farming. I want it to sign up back in College and get a degree in agriculture.

Pearl L

it sounds good to nne