Im taking the ACT on Saturday and haven't started studying what is the best ways to study and do well?



Doing well on the ACT is more about what knowledge your already have and how well you can use that knowledge. You don’t study for it like a normal class room exam. Time management is key. Pacing yourself through the exam and each section. If you don’t know an answer, is it best to skip it or guess? There are plenty of ACT study guide books at your public library,


You can't really study for the ACT. If you have good reading skills, and good math skills, you'll be fine. If not, no amount of studying is going to make much difference.


I didn’t take the ACT but the SAT has online practice questions that seriously helped me out. There’s good videos on YouTube for tips and tricks as well. Just read the questions on the test slowly and do process of elimination on answers, even if your 100% sure of the answer. Focus on your breathing so you won’t get panicked, and take advantage of a break if they give you one.


Borrow one of those ACT review book from the library. If you can't search some review questions on the internet. Read them and try to understand them. If you still have no idea how it's going to turn out, just pray to any God you believe in and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe you'll get a good score... or not.