Do I have to take a math placement test ?

Okay so I’m trying to register for classes and the course starts next week. I’ve been told that I need to take a math placement test so they can see what math I can go in but the thing is I don’t want to take the math placement test because I haven’t taken a math class or course in a year and plus I plan on going to this school part time which mean I’ll eitther be taking 2-3 classes so to my knowledge it isn’t necessary to take a math course as of right now.. do you think if I tell the academic advisor this that they will understand? Or do you think I’ll defi have to take the test in order to register for classes?


Let me help you adjust your thinking. A math placement test (all placement tests, really) is in place to HELP you. Every college student has to take math. The REASON they give these tests is that many, many high schools do not teach math adequately. Furthermore, even in the schools that do, some students just don't retain the information. Some home-schooled students skip math altogether. Therefore, many, many students enter college "behind" in math. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. That is why these tests are required for most students. The worst possible thing you could do would be to enroll in a math class for which you are not prepared. If that happens, you will have failing grades on your record, and you will be behind in math your entire college career. The BASIC SKILLS needed to succeed in college are the three Rs: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic: reading, composition, and math. Many, many subjects require decent math skills: chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, computer programming, etc... and also applied programs like nursing, construction, cooking, etc. For that reason, you should take math as soon as possible. The SECOND worst thing you can do is to put off taking math. This is NOT a performance test. Honestly, nobody CARES how you do on the test... and very few people will know how you do on the test. This test is just to make sure that you begin in the correct level of math at college. TAKE THE TEST.

Mark IX

Why the fark are you asking us? You've been told by whom you "need to take a math placement test"? Shi t for brains, if you don't want to take the test don't take the test. Sit there and play with yourself for the period, it sounds like something you're very familiar with.


The point of the math test is to place you in the right math level. You may be required to take remedial math to catch you up, before moving on to a higher level math class. Your reason not to take the math placement test is the very reason why you are required to do so. You can only get facts for your school. Get a meeting wiht your college adviser


No, they won’t understand. Take the damn test and be placed where you belong. It’s not about your feelings or how your placement will make you feel; it’s about placing students where they will best fit with each other because it’s difficult to design classes for too wide a range of students.


That's a question for your academic advisor or the school's registrar's office. IF it is a standard policy, then, yes, you will have to take a placement test before registering for any classes. If the policy only pertains to students registering for math classes, you would be able to defer taking the test until you get ready to register for a math class. Ask the people who know the policy.