Can I Study Abroad with Braces?

Hello, I am currently a college student in the U.S. who wants to study abroad. I'm currently entering my second semester at college, and getting metal braces soon. I wish to study abroad in Germany for the Spring of 2021 semester, and was wondering if it was possible seeing how I doubt my braces will be off by then. Is it possible to find someone in Germany to perform the adjustments? Thanks!

Karen L

Germany is as advanced in medical and dental technology as the US is. Probably more so, actually.

ibu guru

Germany has excellent medical, dental, etc, professionals. Obviously, you will need money to pay for it all, but you should be able to find suitable professionals in any city.


Consult with your orthodontist first, before getting braces, You would need to research costs for upkeep in Germany. I would assume the doctors would need to consult, which shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age.


you can study a broad with or w/o braces


Duh. Germany is a first world country. They have dentists. {You need to study up more on Germany.} - - What would make you think Germans do not embrace braces to bite into a better smile??