Do I get accepted or refused in scholarships depending on my face in passport ?

Hello everyone you good ? I am about to have a scholarship but as you know they ask about Passport copy beside College transcript & TOEFL test so my picture in passport is clean , clear and I look nice and elegant but I have little bit of beard so will this affect the situation by getting rejected because you know some say ( Oh he has beard he must be a terrorist or muslimbrother reject him from this scholarship ) so is this true ?? or they will judge me when they see me in real life and interview me in embassy ?.


First of all, admission and financial aid considerations are entirely separate in the US. One committee decides to accept you, based on your grades and other qualifications. They typically don't see the student at all. Another committee decides on financial aid. The requirement for a copy of the passport is a visa issue- it has nothing to do with admission or aid. There are, just for information, about 100,000 students in the US from Saudi Arabia, and many, many more Muslims from countries such as indonesia, Pakistan, etc. Some are on scholarship, some have graduate assistantships. Once you are accepted at a university, you take the form they send you to the US consulate to get your visa. They are the only ones who will interview you.


no one cares about the picture


They don't want the passport to look at the picture, just proof you have one.

Rona Lachat

Rarely will the picture have anything to do with it. your interview is to confirm what you say on paper. Some Hints You said you passed TOEFL You show it by using the proper words to answer questions. As you desire education suggest you limit you religious political comments during the interview.and stick to the educational abilities you have listed on your application. If you are having the interview you are on the short list and have a very good chance for the scholarship. They desire to confirm you actually have the qualifications your paperwork says you have. they will ask you questions they already know the answer to. YOU ANSWER HONESTLY This is not the place to play word games showing off your vocabulary of big long words. It is normal for student aged person , to grow a beard, trim a beard or be clean shaved. Girls have long hair and cut it short. Have short hair in the picture and let it grow long. The change the color. The photo is a minor issue in the process. They do at interview expect you to look somewhat similar to the photo you have supplied.

bluebellbkk: In a word

In a word: no.


More likely than not, they will reject you on the basis of never actually checking your application in the first place. People are lazy, and rarely check 50 per 1 billion applications before reaching a decision.