I want to complete my MBA from Malaysia in a part time program?

I want to complete my MBA from Malaysia and work there as well. Are there any universities who offer part time MBA programs for international students? suggest me some education consultants please....


Do contact shelldreamsoverseas consultancy for prudent decision.

ibu guru

International students MUST attend school full-time. If accepted by a university, they must prove they have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to their country of citizenship - without working! - to apply for a student visa. Do NOT use any education consultants. Govts of various countries warn right on their websites NOT to use any consultant for any student, employment, etc. visas. Fraud is rampant among consultants (India & Pakistan are particularly notorious for such fraud), and use of any consultant is grounds for visa denial, or revocation with deportation/mandatory departure, and permanent bar to entry. To go to grad school part-time, or to work while attending school, you have to do that in your country of citizenship. You cannot study abroad.