Do international students get into universities easier in Canada?

it must be the case


Nope - the requirements are the same. The fees are higher.


The policy for admitting students is normally set by the school, not by the government. So there will be some schools that are easy to get into and others that are not. The main issue is how easy will it be for you to get a student visa to enter the country. That is determined by man factors, one of the major being the country from which you will be coming. I can not tell you if it is "easier" because I do not know what country or school you are comparing it to. I am reasonable sure it would be easier then getting into a school in North Korea or Iran. But may about the same as getting into a school in the USA.

ibu guru

Canada does accept a substantial number of international students. Still, competition is tough & worldwide. If you cannot get into a good university in your own country, you cannot compete internationally to go to a school in Canada or other foreign country. And you need money. Do you & your parents have the money to pay CAD40,000/year or more for your school + living expenses + return transportation to your own country? That's required to apply for a student visa. No money = no visa.


Easier than what/who?