Would you go abroad for a bachelor degree if the total cost is 46.000$ all inclusive (food leisure time...) ? (Americans only please)?

Included costs: tuition fees, living,food, learning materials, transport, internet/phone, money for your free time and a full heal insurance It would be the university ranked 165 worldwide in Europe. 46.000$ is over the course of 3 years which means 14.444$ annualy

ibu guru

1. The school & country would have to have a good academic reputation & international ranking or the degree would be worthless when the student returns home & tries to find work. Employers won't hire people with dodgy or not readily recognized & respected degrees. 2. So many Americans don't have $46,000! They rely on earnings (& can only work without restriction in their country of citizenship), financial aid (must be US citizen or legal permanent resident to apply, & attend university in the US), loans (again, must reside in US), etc. They could not pay for study abroad. 3. Due to family ties, friendships, other connections to their own country, they don't want to go abroad - or even far from home.