I've always dreamed of studying computer engineering abroad, but I live in a low-income family in a third world country. What can I do?



Just keep studying!

ibu guru

Study in your own country. It's the ONLY place where you can work without restrictions so that you can work your way through school. Plus school is likely to be a lot cheaper in your own country, AND you would graduate with local references, recommendations, etc. That improves your chances of finding a job locally when you graduate. A foreign degree is NOT going to get you any job or employment visa abroad! You are required to return home. If you have no money - and serious amounts of money - there is NO point wasting your time & energy considering it. No money = no visa. E.g. for US, expect you & your parents need a minimum of USD50,000/year for 4 years for a low-cost school in a lower-cost area of the US. You'd waste hundreds, probably thousands, of dollars trying to get into school, then be denied a visa for lack of sufficient funds.


You need to look at studying in your own country. Studying abroad is expensive.


That's only worth the time and effort if you wanna get stuck paying high college loans for the next five years. Other that I never wasted my time